To avoid unnecessary fees and to ensure that you'll get the best customized item, please review our artwork guidelines below. If you do not provide the artwork in a suitable file type for customization, we can convert (redraw) it for a fee. You will always be notified and asked to approve prior to undertaking such restoration work.

Vector AI files and EPS files

Vectors with Adobe Illustrator and EPS formats are the preferred file types. You'll be able to more clearly distinguish vectors from other formats once you zoom in. If you zoom into a vector, you won't see any distortions or jagged edges. So if you zoom in on a bitmap, the image will appear blocky.

Embedding fonts and converting fonts to paths (or curves)

If your logo has any fonts, typefaces, then all these need to be converted to paths (or converted to curves - depending on your software application program ). This only means that your font is converted to an image object and cannot be changed. If this is not done, then when we receive the file and don't have the equivalent font, we won't be able to match your artwork.

Pantone spot colours

All colors should be converted to spot colors. In Illustrator and other packages, individual colors can be selected and then converted to their Pantone equivalents. Please refer to the software documentation or see the net for details. When screenprinting, we print one color, then a second one, so it's usually best to color separate.

TIF and PSD bitmap files - suitable for single colour prints

Artwork files must be an exact size (or larger) than the real print size and must be at least 300dpi at the print size. Colours should be separated in batches. This is not a recommended method, and may incur extra charges if we later have to make changes to it. NOTE: Not suitable for CAD CUT.

Adobe PDF files

Vector files must be converted into PDF, and the PDF must be editable. Do not create a bitmap file then turn it into a PDF - it is still a bitmap and would have to be recreated and pay a re-draw fee.

High resolution JPG, BMP, TIF, EPS, AI

Clients are allowed to upload embroidery data files, irrespective of the image resolution. First-time customers will pay a one-time fee for creating logos or graphics into a digitizing format, and this cost is nonrefundable.